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Step into the world of advanced film photography with the Ricoh XR-X 2000, a 35mm SLR camera that combines sophisticated features with user-friendly operation. Designed for the enthusiastic amateur who is eager to explore beyond the basics, the XR-X 2000 offers robust functionality in a durable and compact design.


Additional Features:

  • Programmable Modes: Customize settings to suit specific shooting conditions or preferred shooting styles.
  • Built-in Flash and Hot Shoe: Offers options for both on-camera lighting and the ability to attach external flashes.
  • Multiple Exposure Control: Allows you to superimpose images on a single frame for creative effects.
  • Self-Timer and Remote Control Compatibility: Ideal for group photos, self-portraits, and reducing camera shake during long exposures.


Ideal for Enthusiasts Ready to Step Up: The Ricoh XR-X 2000 is perfectly suited for photography enthusiasts looking to elevate their skills. With its blend of automatic features and manual controls, it encourages creative experimentation and growth in the art of film photography.

Ricoh XR-X 2000 DATE, 35 - 70mm Lens

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