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The Ricoh Max 35mm film camera combines classic design with contemporary features to provide photographers with an exceptional shooting experience. Equipped with a high-quality 35mm lens, this camera delivers sharp and detailed images with rich colors and beautiful bokeh. Its aperture range of f/2.8 to f/16 allows for creative control over depth of field, enabling users to capture stunning portraits or expansive landscapes with ease.


Featuring a durable yet lightweight body, the Ricoh Max is designed for portability and convenience, making it perfect for both everyday use and travel photography. The camera's ergonomic grip ensures comfortable handling, while its intuitive controls allow for quick adjustments on the fly.


Additionally, the Ricoh Max offers a range of advanced features to enhance the shooting experience. These include a built-in light meter for accurate exposure control, manual focus for precise focusing, and multiple shooting modes for versatility in various lighting conditions.


Whether you're a seasoned photographer looking to expand your analog collection or a beginner eager to explore the world of film photography, the Ricoh Max 35mm film camera offers the perfect balance of performance, usability, and style.

Ricoh Max

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