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The Ricoh 35 is a classic 35mm film camera renowned for its simplicity, reliability, and excellent image quality. Featuring a fixed lens and manual controls, this compact camera is perfect for enthusiasts and beginners alike. With its sharp 40mm f/3.5 lens, the Ricoh 35 captures detailed images with natural colors and smooth bokeh, making it ideal for a wide range of photographic situations.


The camera's sturdy construction and lightweight design make it perfect for everyday use and travel photography. Its intuitive controls, including manual focus and aperture adjustment, allow for creative flexibility and precise image composition. Additionally, the built-in light meter ensures accurate exposure in various lighting conditions, while the rangefinder focusing system enables quick and accurate focusing.


This camera uniquely features a bottom winding advance lever, meaning you can take photo's as quick as you can pull the handle!


Whether you're capturing portraits, street scenes, or landscapes, the Ricoh 35 offers a timeless shooting experience that celebrates the art of analog photography. With its blend of simplicity, reliability, and performance, it's no wonder that the Ricoh 35 remains a beloved choice among film enthusiasts worldwide.

Ricoh 35

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