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The Polaroid 790 is an instant film camera designed for those who love the charm and spontaneity of instant photography. Combining simplicity, stylish design, and practical features, the Polaroid 790 makes capturing and sharing moments quick and fun. Perfect for parties, travels, and everyday adventures, this camera is your ideal companion for creating tangible memories.


Designed with user-friendliness in mind, the Polaroid 790 is incredibly easy to operate. With its point-and-shoot simplicity, you don't need any prior photography experience to start capturing great shots. Just load the film, point, shoot, and watch your photos develop instantly.


Equipped with an automatic flash, the Polaroid 790 ensures that your photos are well-lit in various lighting conditions. The flash automatically adjusts to the environment, providing the right amount of light to produce clear and bright images, whether you’re indoors or outdoors.


The Polaroid 790 comes with a built-in light meter that automatically adjusts the camera settings based on the ambient light, ensuring that your pictures are neither too dark nor too bright.


For those who love to be in the picture, the Polaroid 790 includes a self-timer function. This feature allows you to set up the camera, get into position, and capture the perfect group shot or self-portrait without rushing.


The instant nature of the Polaroid 790 makes it a favorite at social gatherings. Whether it's a party, wedding, or a casual get-together, guests can take photos and have a physical print to take home, creating a fun and interactive experience.

Polaroid 790

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