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Experience the seamless integration of simplicity and advanced functionality with the Nikon F60, a 35mm SLR camera designed for both budding photographers and seasoned enthusiasts. Known for its user-friendly interface and compact design, the Nikon F60 offers a reliable introduction to the world of film photography without sacrificing the precision and flexibility that Nikon is renowned for.


The Nikon F60 incorporates Nikon's sophisticated Matrix Metering system, which evaluates the scene to provide accurate exposures under a wide variety of lighting conditions. This feature, makes the F60 versatile in handling indoor and outdoor settings effectively.


Whether capturing family memories, exploring creative landscapes, or developing your photographic skills, the Nikon F60 is a trustworthy and capable companion that brings the enduring quality and performance of Nikon film photography to your fingertips.

Nikon F60, 28-80mm Lens

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