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Capture the essence of professional photography with the iconic Nikon F3, a precision-engineered 35mm SLR camera paired with the dynamic MD-4 Motor Drive. Renowned for its reliability and robust construction, the Nikon F3 is the choice of discerning photographers who demand both durability and performance.


Features and Flexibility:

  • Manual Focus System: Gives you complete control over focusing, ensuring precise sharpness where it counts.
  • TTL Metering: Through-the-lens metering provides accurate light measurement, even under challenging lighting conditions.
  • Interchangeable Viewfinders: Customize your viewing options with different finders to suit various shooting environments.
  • Robust Shutter Mechanism: Offers a wide range of shutter speeds, making it versatile enough for virtually any type of photography.


Whether you're an experienced photographer or a dedicated enthusiast, the Nikon F3 is a superb tool that combines the tactile satisfaction of film photography with the precision of modern technology.


Rediscover the joy of photography and see why the Nikon F3 remains a celebrated model among photographers worldwide. Embrace the craft of photography with this exceptional camera system that continues to stand the test of time.

Nikon F3, With Motorised Winder (24mm Prime)

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