Nightsten 800 is a brand new Tungsten balanced film from Red Dragon Film Lab. Packed and loaded in Auckland, New Zealand.


Born to reduce costs for New Zealand’s film photographers. Tungsten is a perfect combination of quality, design, and price. And more specifically. With DxCode, you can completely use it on any 35mm camera, which makes the difference between Nightsten and other Cine Films available on the market.


-36/24 Exposures Per Roll


-ISO 800/30° in ECN-2 Process


- The base iso of Nightsten is 500. Thanks to the extremely wide exposure of the film, this film can easily shoot from iso 200 all the way up to iso 800 without any issues. Also 800 is much easier to use. 


-Fine Grain, High Sharpness


-Great for parties, night street shoots or any low light situation.


-DX-Coded so it can be used in any 35mm camera (include point and shoot camera)


Note: You will receive a 10% discount for developing and scanning services if you bring Nightsten back to Red Dragon Film Lab. (Only for Red Dragon Film Lab’s film)

Happy Moon Festival 2022, this product will be discounted until the end of Tuesday 13th of September 2022.

Nightsten 800