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The Minolta Capios 25 is a stylish and compact 35mm film camera designed for photographers who appreciate simplicity without sacrificing quality. Perfect for everyday use, travel, and casual photography, the Capios 25 combines ease of use with a range of features that ensure you capture beautiful, memorable images with minimal effort.


The Minolta Capios 25 boasts a sleek, modern design that fits comfortably in your hand and slips easily into a pocket or bag. Its lightweight and portable build make it an ideal companion for capturing spontaneous moments on the go.


The Capios 25 is built with Minolta’s renowned reliability, ensuring consistent performance and durability. This camera is designed to be your dependable photographic partner, ready to capture memories whenever and wherever they happen.


Capture the beauty of everyday moments with the Minolta Capios 25. Combining compact elegance, user-friendly features, and reliable performance, this camera is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy the simplicity and joy of film photography. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced photographer, the Capios 25 makes it easy to create stunning images.

Minolta Capios 25

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