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The Konica Panorama Zoom, a versatile and feature-rich 35mm film camera designed to deliver exceptional wide-angle shots with ease. Ideal for travel, landscapes, and everyday photography, this compact camera combines the convenience of automatic functions with the creative possibilities of panoramic and zoom capabilities.


The Konica Panorama Zoom simplifies film photography with its easy-loading film chamber and automatic film advance and rewind features. Loading film is quick and hassle-free, and the camera automatically advances the film after each shot and rewinds it at the end of the roll, making film handling a breeze.


The Konica Panorama Zoom is perfect for anyone looking for a versatile, easy-to-use camera that can handle a variety of photographic needs. Its combination of panoramic and zoom capabilities, along with automatic features, makes it an ideal choice for capturing everything from breathtaking landscapes to spontaneous everyday moments.

Konica Panorama Zoom

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