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This excellent condition Konica K-Mini is a sleek and ultra-compact 35mm point-and-shoot camera designed for those who appreciate the simplicity of automatic film photography without compromising on quality. Perfect for everyday use, travel, and spontaneous shooting, the K-Mini offers reliable performance in a stylish, pocket-friendly design.


The Konica K-Mini boasts a remarkably slim and lightweight body, making it one of the most portable film cameras available. Its elegant design fits easily into your pocket or bag, ensuring you can carry it with you wherever you go. The sleek lines and minimalist aesthetic make it an attractive accessory as well as an impressivley versitile camera.


The Konica K-Mini is perfect for anyone looking for a dependable, easy-to-use film camera that delivers excellent results. Its compact size, automatic features, and high-quality lens make it a versatile choice for capturing everyday moments, travel adventures, and spontaneous events.

Konica K-Mini (Boxed)

SKU: 066
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