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Fujifilm Acros II is a highly regarded 35mm black and white film that delivers exceptional image quality and a wide tonal range. This film is known for its outstanding sharpness and fine grain, allowing for exquisite detail and impressive clarity in every shot. With its ISO rating of 100, Fujifilm Acros II performs well in various lighting conditions, making it suitable for a range of photographic applications. Whether you're capturing landscapes, portraits, or street scenes, this film provides rich and nuanced grayscale tones, creating a timeless and artistic look. Fujifilm Acros II is a favorite among black and white film enthusiasts, offering precise and high-definition results that truly bring your monochrome images to life. Experience the beauty and expressive power of Fujifilm Acros II and unleash your creative vision in the world of analogue photography.

Fujifilm Acros 100ii 36 exp

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