DayDreamer 200 is a brand new daylight balanced film from Red Dragon Film Lab. Packed and loaded in Auckland, New Zealand.


Born to reduce costs for New Zealand’s film photographers. DayDreamer is a perfect combination of quality, design, and price. With DxCode, you can completely use it on any 35mm camera, which makes the difference between DayDreamer and other Cine Films available on the market.


-36/24 Exposures Per Roll


-ISO 200/24° in ECN-2 Process


-Extremely wide exposure latitude ( ISO 50–400)


-Fine Grain, High Sharpness


-Great for daily use




Note: You will receive a 10% discount for developing and scanning services if you bring DayDreamer back to Red Dragon Film Lab. (Only for Red Dragon Film Lab’s film)

Orders will be shipped on Monday 15 of August.

DayDreamer 200