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Step into the future of film photography with the Canon T-70, a highly innovative 35mm SLR camera that merges classic aesthetics with groundbreaking automated technology. Designed for both novice photographers and seasoned enthusiasts, the T-70 offers an advanced, user-friendly interface and multiple automatic exposure modes, making it a robust tool for anyone looking to expand their photographic capabilities.


The T-70 incorporates a sophisticated dual metering system, which includes both center-weighted average metering and partial metering. This system ensures accurate exposure readings, adapting seamlessly to varying lighting conditions to deliver consistently well-exposed images.


The Canon T-70 is equipped with a built-in motor drive that advances the film automatically after each shot and rewinds it when the end of the roll is reached. This feature enhances the camera’s ease of use, especially in fast-paced shooting environments, and allows for continuous shooting at a rate of up to 0.7 seconds per frame.


Whether you're advancing from a beginner’s model or looking for a camera that can facilitate more complex shooting techniques, the Canon T-70 is designed to inspire creativity and improve photographic skills. Its combination of easy-to-use automated systems with manual overrides ensures it is adaptable to both learning environments and sophisticated projects.

Cannon T70, 35-70mm Lens

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