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Tian Ma

'Stay Positive' by Tian Ma This photo was taken during a stroll down Mercury Plaza at the time of Level 4 Lockdown in Auckland. I came across this old pick-up truck with "BAD NEWS" spray painted on its rear window. I felt that it fitted the Lockdown situation perfectly.

35mm Ilford HP5 Plus 400 Nikon F


" My name is Tian and I am based in Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland. I began shooting film photography in 2019 when I bought myself a trusty Canon AE-1 Program. It has changed my perspective on photography ever since. Now I find myself carrying a film camera instead of a digital camera 90 percent of the time when I am out shooting. "

What draws you to analogue photography?

"I like the rawness, slow and conscious process of it when firing every frame. I wanted to focus more on composition and be mindful when pressing down on that shutter button every time. Although, I am always looking forward to surprises in my results."

Do you have a favourite film stock you like to use often & would recommend?

" Never go wrong with Kodak Portra 400. The colours and tones of this film stock are very versatile and look great, especially the skin tones are particularly incredible. "

Do you have a subject matter or style you always find yourself drawn to? why? " I do not limit myself to it. I like to experiment with new styles and subjects. However, I am really into street, fashion and portraits currently." Do you have a tip or a 'life-hack' advice you'd pass on to anyone from your experience so far with analogue?

" Just have fun shooting. Shooting more is the only way you get to know more about your film camera and film photography. Enjoy the process and expect the unexpected. "


To see or hear more from Tian Ma: @tianmma


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