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Seung-woo 'Suggie' Hong

"Skate Break" by Seung-woo 'Suggie' Hong "...This moment was us taking a break after we were tirelessly going up and down the path multiple times, trying to get the shot..."

Shot on Nikomat FT 2, Portra 800


Tell us more about yourself and about 'Skate Break'?

“My name is Seung-woo (people usually refer to me as Suggie), and I’m a Filmmaker

and Photographer from Nelson but have been based in Auckland on and off for the

last 4 years. Usually, my work consists of working with a wide range of different

brands, individuals and musicians. I also love eating a lot of kimchi.

This photo was taken from a skateboarding shoot I was doing for fun with a good friend of mine in Victoria Park. This moment was us taking a break after we were tirelessly going up and down the path multiple times, trying to get the shot. I usually gravitate towards quiet moments of a person within a photo. That’s probably why I like this photo a lot. I think it also gives off that nostalgic “come of age” vibe which I love! "

What draws you to analogue photography?

" I really love the raw and imperfect look, which really gives off an honest and authentic feel to each photo. That timeless feel. How I got into film was I stumbled upon my granddad’s camera bag with all these old film cameras and lenses when I was back home in Nelson one Summer. I think at the time I was looking for new ways to branch out my film and photography work, so finding my granddad’s collection presented itself at the right moment I guess. "

Who/what inspires or has influenced your thinking or photographing?  

" I remember when I went on one of my first music tours, one of the things that were encouraged was to capture a lot of behind the scenes/backstage moments of the musicians. That really introduced me to the kind of photography I’d be drawn towards and do. A documentary/journalistic kind of approach where you capture these individuals/groups in a somewhat different light to what most people would usually see.

Then riding off that, discovering photographers such as Daniel Arnold and Marcus Haney really amplified that. Their photographs have such a real and honest look and

feel to them. It’s really cool! You really feel like you know the person they’re

capturing. "

Do you have a favourite film stock you like to use often and would recommend?  " The film stock that this was developed from was a Kodak 800 Portra. So I guess like this one?"

Do you have a subject matter or style you always find yourself drawn to?


"I think I’m really into the documentary style of photography and portraits. Trying to capture the subject at their most candid and authentic moment. "

Do you have a tip or a "life-hack" advice you would pass on to anyone from your experience so far with analogue?

" I guess just go out, shoot and see what happens. That’s what’s fun about shooting analogue,

it’s always a surprise. "


To see or hear more from Seung-woo 'Suggie' Hong :


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