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Peter Blackford

Photo of the Week: 'three tones' by Peter Blackford "This photo was taken outside my work, shot on my Mamiya RB67, Portra 160, I liked the way the light was hitting the ladder and the contrast between the sky and two walls."

What draws you to analogue photography?

"I’ve always been into photography, my first experience with Film was in highschool and only just recently got back into it, my mother was having a bit of clear out and called me to see if I’d like to have my grandfathers old cameras."

Do you have a favourite film stock you like to use often & would recommend?

"I absolutely love kodak pro image, I love how muted the colours look."

Do you have a subject matter or style you always find yourself drawn to?

"I love to shoot anything and everything, I wouldn’t say I have a style yet"

Noticed some of your beautiful photographs were taken on medium format, If you were to use one camera for the rest of your life which would you choose?

"That’s a tough one, but I’d go with my Nikon f80, it’s lightweight and good in the hand and has a great metering system"

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