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'for the love of green' - Collab by Malila & Jesse "...I then decided it was our turn to have some fun with the drum and Jesse jumped up and snapped this one of us (yes we planned the matching green outfits)!..."

Pentax Spotmatic, Portra 400


Tell us more about yourself, and about 'for the love of green' I’m Malila, you can call me M, I am a queer creative and Tāmaki Makaurau has been my home for my 23 years.

This image was taken on a sunny (Friday?) evening in lockdown. My flatmates and I were enjoying our wonderful garden, and I was taking some photos of Jesse with his drum! Eden and I then decided it was our turn to have some fun with the drum and Jesse jumped up and snapped this one of us (yes we planned the matching green outfits)! For me, this image captures fun and laughter, and friends celebrating nothing in particular, but we are all glad it’s Friday, and we aren’t WFH tomorrow!

What draws you to analogue photography?

I get less caught up with getting the ‘perfect’ shot with film. I like not having as much control and knowing that the shot I take is the shot that was supposed to be created!

I have always loved photography and my friend gave me an old film camera maybe 5-6 years ago and I just went for it. Some of my favourite photos I have taken have been on film and I find myself picking up my digital camera less and less these days.

-who/what inspires or has influenced your thinking or photographing?

Rodney Smith and Kyle Thompson have been big influences over the years. The simplicity of both of their work is so calming yet captivating and I just get sucked in!

During this lockdown, I have used my photography to really slow down. Take the time to be slow (I don’t feel like I can be slow in this city most of the time) and look, and feel what is around me.

Do you have a favourite film stock you like to use often & would recommend?

Honestly, I kinda just shoot with whatever film I have at the time. Usually, it is something like the classic Portra 400, Colour Plus 200 or whatever expired film I get in trade me purchase. Although I have a few special rolls stashed away for the next few months!

Do you have a subject-matter or style you always find yourself drawn to? why?

I have always been drawn to portraiture and the human body. Also, textures, colours, and parts of whatever landscape I find myself in that aren’t supposed to be the main event.

Do you have a tip or a 'life-hack advice you'd pass on to anyone from your experience so far with analogue?

Just shoot, and shoot lots! You never know what you are gonna capture and that’s the fun of it! Don’t have any expectations of your images (easier said than done I know), appreciate the images for what they are and remember that you can always take more!


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