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'Froot' by Kiran "Shot on my Pentax K1000 and some expired film from the tiny trolley over at Junktion!"

35mm Expired Film Pentax K1000


So tell us more about yourself, and about 'froot' " My name is Kiran, I currently live in Tāmaki Makaurau. I used to be into filmmaking and digital photography but lost my passion for it. Shooting on film has brought back the passion I had and made me think more critically about what I want to photograph. " "This photo was taken in my partner's backyard, on a nice sunny afternoon which I felt we hadn’t had in a while... I liked the colours and how the blood oranges kind of stood out a bit, I also had two more shots left on a roll of film that had been sitting in my camera since before lockdown so I was eager to finish the roll. "

What draws you to analogue photography? " I started out after my mum gave me her Fuji DL-190 Zoom but quickly realised I wanted more control over my shots which led me to buy a Canon AE-1 which broke on me, then came along my trusty Pentax K1000. I also got used to taking hundreds of photos digitally to try and get things perfect which took me away from capturing the moment - in analogue photography you don't see your image right away. "

Who/what inspires or has influenced your thinking or photographing? "... I really like Frederik Trovatten’s work, particularly his street portraits. "

Do you have a favourite film stock you like to use often & would recommend? " I’m still trying to experiment and figuring out what film stock works best for me, but you can’t go wrong with Portra 400! "

Do you have a subject matter or style you always find yourself drawn to? " I personally take photos of people and things I love and also just anything that I find visually interesting that others may turn a blind eye to. "

If you were to use one camera for the rest of your life, which would you choose and why? " It would probably be my Pentax K1000 at the moment, it’s been extremely reliable and hasn’t let me down once. " What's a tip or a bit of life-hack advice you'd pass on from your experience so far with analogue? " Have fun with it, and don't be discouraged if at first, your photos don’t come out the way you expected. Embrace the happy accidents! "


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