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Kia Ora! we are five creatives with a shared passion for analogue and a simple mission to create and foster a space for all lovers of film

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Marketing Executive



"The love of photography and the love of old objects made me start this career. I enjoy the process of film development and scanning and hope this will become my job! Help other photographers create photos in the traditional way."





'Film photography begs each frame to be taken consciously. When I get my images back, I'm experiencing a memory with new eyes. There's that moment of re-discovery that I've been anticipating.'


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Ally Lase

"I' will continously say I have quite a frantic love for analogue,  - but that's probably just my personality seeping through.  Although I thoroughly enjoy the scenes of developing and experimenting with shooting film, I've become super intrigued by the mechanics within the camera's itself - the work is so delicate. The analogue realm is so intricate and special - it  not only connects us to the present and documents memories but opens us up to the most intimate side of reportage and the connection with other people.



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Le Feuvre

Kia ora, e te whānau! Engaging with analogue allows us to access a slower route of image making, altogether thinking intuitively about the photographs we create and bring into our community. 




I started when I was 18, but throughout my life, my father had the passion for photography. He taught me so much and helped me discover my  love for Portrait Photography - Shooting for that special moment that transcends the subject and the place, where true magic lies

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